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Summer without Pete at the Allotment
by Ellis Hayward on August 12th, 2016

Here we are in August 2016 and the allotment welcomes three project workers who will be working on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. I am glad that Jean has agreed to be part of the team that will continue the work Pete started. Janet and Lee have also joined the team and we are all working together to maintain the gardens and raised beds. I sat on  the memorial chair to Pete's memory and looked over the cottage garden and the raised beds and I imagined that Pete was with me and approved of the way we are continuing his work. I don't really know the difference between a plant and a weed and I am determined to be able to recognise each plant and weed as they appear in the allotment.  I have been looking at Pete the Poets blog site at http://petethepoet.blogspot.co.uk and I found the following that Pete wrote about a day at Skirr Cottage and I include it in this blog as a symbol of my respect for a great man.

​Friday, 4 March 2016

Skirr Cottage Diary

Well the snow is lying crisp and even. Actually it is not all that even as it is drifting in the wind. The garden shrubs are all covered in great pom-poms of white candyfloss and some of the branches are sagging under the weight. I am reduced to sitting in our small conservatory watching the bird table. I did earlier venture forth to stock it up with a good mix of nuts, seed and suet. It must have come as a shock to the wildlife as so far we have escaped much of the white stuff, but March can be very unpredictable in the Peak, especially over 1,000 feet up in Buxton. The reed buntings are back which is great and all the usual suspects are putting in fleeting appearances. Over in the far field at the back of the cottage there must be over thirty wood pigeons covering the upper branches of a tree like huge dark fruit. Earlier in the day I was treated to the sight of about twenty five lapwings tumbling over through the blur of snow. Yesterday, glancing through the study window I spotted a treecreeper exploring a tall cotoneaster shrub in the garden. Although I have encountered quite a few treecreepers so far this year in local woods, it is quite a coup to see one in our garden up on the edge of the moor; I think I have only two other records in over twenty years. It is still snowing and a mass of jackdaws is wheeling in the stark, ebony sky like a black shadow from another realm.

I can recommend Pete's blog site as a source of knowledge beyond my limited experience.

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